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Upload your accommodation in minutes, free of charge. Interested tenants can be invited to view your accommodation in just one click. Found your next tenant? Invite him or her to book directly through our booking system in another click.
payment systems
We have integrated payment systems such as Ideal and Stripe to help you easily and automatically collect your rent and deposit. Reminders can be sent in a single mouse click.
Real estate management,
made easy
We help you manage your tenants and accommodations. That’s why we offer automated lease contracts, made maintenance request easy and offer other services such as cleaning.
How it works
Kamersin is a platform to find, share and manage student accommodation. It is easy, intuitive and free of charge to upload a new room, studio or apartment on the website.
Other users looking for accommodation are able to send a message to the user or request a booking directly.
Frequent questions

Using Kamersin is always free to use for your first three listings. Our free Do-it-Yourself Package allows you to put an advertisement on our platform, find a trusted tenant, generate a lease contract, manage maintenance request and easily and safely collect the rent. Pretty cool, right? To add more listings via Kamersin, you’ll pay € 7,50 per month per listing. This is much less than what you’ll generally pay for a rental agent, which typically charge between 5% - 10% of the rent.Link

At Kamersin we believe that most home owners are perfectly capable of renting out and managing their own real estate portfolio. We just have to make it a bit easier. That’s why we’ve been working quite hard to make everything run as smooth as possible and to automate what we could automate. That saves us a lot of time, and thus you a lot of money. Besides: we don’t have any expensive offices and try to work as cost-efficiently as possible.

No worries, we also offer additional services to completely unburden you. With our premium package you really don’t have to worry about a thing. We will take care of everything; from taking the pictures to the check in and - eventually - the check out. And everything in between. Read more about our package here

Nope, nothing. You can cancel using our services every month.

I find it extremely important to listen to our customers, so never hesitate to contact me! You can always contact me directly via [email protected] \

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